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Boat Review:  Spacesailer 18

from Small Craft Advisor, Sept/Oct 2013  No.83

September 2013


     "From Australia to Montana the Spacesailer 18 has proven a solid little keel boat that offers excellent performance.

     We'd be pleased to own a well-built, seaworthy keelboat that can hold its own with almost anything near the same waterline length...She'd be a particuarly ideal fit for a sailor who kept his boat in the water for the season."

At the Whim of the Wind

written by Sean Forbes, originally published in the Bozeman Chronicle

June 13, 2011


     "CANYON FERRY – There are few races that start with the participants milling about, trying not to run into each other, behind the starting line. 

     Sailboat races are one of those very few.

     After motoring out of the marina, the crew for each boat kills the engine and raises the sails. The canvas is trimmed to the wind and each boat haphazardly tacks across the water behind the starting line..."

The Canvas Can Do Miracles

written by Martin J. Kidston for the Helena Independent Record

June 13, 2008


     "CANYON FERRY -- John Jones is the first to spy the approaching wind. He turns his head in time to see it roil across the water, stirring the lake's surface. The gust creates a different texture, drawing a line upon the surface between calm and turbulent.

     For a few brief moments, it's as if we're held in an artist's cartoon, caught between scenes of action. The next few minutes will test our captain's skills at the rudder and the quick response of his crew."

Happy Sails

written by Alana Listoe for the Helena Independent Record

July 6, 2008


     "The excitement beams from Sean Kiely's face as he cranks the winch raising the main sail on Laurie Simms' 27-foot sailboat on Canyon Ferry Reservoir. Kiely, 12, is ecstatic to be on the water, conscious of the vessel's anatomy, and attentive to the direction from Simms, a local sailing instructor.

     Derek Lund is more of a fair-weather sailor. When the wind picks up and the boat starts heeling, the 12-year-old Lund quickly scurries to the cabin below where he feels more comfortable.."

Scouts Find Sailing a Breeze

written by George Lane for the Helena Independent Record

July 10, 2004


     "Laurie Sims bellowed across the waters of Canyon Ferry Lake Friday morning. "Ice, let out more sail." Sims, a member of the True North Sailing Club, is one of the instructors for the seven Girl Scouts who attended a five-day sailing school at Yacht Basin Marina.

     The girls listened carefully to Sims as he told them where to sail and how to get there. None of the girls had ever sailed before taking the class,."

Setting Sail

written by Eve Byron for the Helena Independent Record

June 28, 2001


     "Laurie Simms wants to bring the joys of sailing out of the world of the well-heeled and into the realm of Montana’s Roper-wearing residents.

      The Capital High School government and social studies teacher understands that most Montanans not only are too busy to maintain a boat, but they also don’t have an extra $2,500 to $15,000 lying around the house to purchase a personal yacht on a whim. So he’s come up with a deal that’s almost too good for wanna-be sailors to refuse."

Boat Review: C & C 27

from Practical Sailor, December 2000

December 2000


     "The C&C 27 is a good example of what made the company successful - comtemporary good looks with sharp, crisp lines that still appeal today. The sheerline is handsome.

     The C&C 27 was one of the company's most popular designs, numbering something like 975 or 980, and much of this was due to its smart handling and good turn of speed. Not surprisinly, owners generally rate its upwind and off-the-wind performance as above average."

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